Pierre Vieille, St-Saphorin, Lavaux AOC

Tasting Notes

Son bouquet subtil laisse apparaître l'élégance de son corps harmonieux. Son goût du terroir distingué souligne la finesse de son caractère.

Drink with

cheese, fish, white meat or as an aperitif

Service temperature 


Keep for 

1  - 3 years


Box of 6 bottles for 70cl / box of 18 bottles for 35cl

Vine: Chasselas Fendant roux

The origin of this vine is not certain, however in Egypt there is a plant that has striking resemblances. Some claim that it originates from the Southern part of France, others from the Mâcon region.

One thing is for certain: it is at the moment the most widely distributed variety in Switzerland. Vigorous, the Chasselas produces large buds. When opening, the young reddish copper-coloured leaves give the vineyard this peculiar colouring, as if it were autumn. During the evenings in May its blossom is very sensitive to differences in temperature and humidity.

The bunch has round and golden fruits with a fine but firm skin and a crunchy and juicy flesh. When pressed between the fingers, the grape splits without crushing; this is why the name 'Fendant' (splitting) is also used for the Chasselas.

Contrary to other vines that have a well-pronounced flavour and character, the Chasselas has a rather neutral taste. This is the reason why wines made from Chasselas vines take on the taste of the local soil and do not display a same dominating flavour. The diversity of the soil of our region explains the charm of the proposed wines.