Pinot Blanc, Vouvry Valais AOC

Tasting Notes

Luxurious wine. Its sustained acidity makes it a pleasant companion to dishes of fish and seafood. 


Drink with 

Seafood, fish or smoked mature cheese

Service temperature

11 °C


Keep for  

2-5 years



Box of 6 bottles

Vine: Pinot Blanc 


This vine is at times also wrongly called Chardonnay or Pinot-Chardonnay. Its origin is Burgundy and Champagne. It is very sensitive to late frosts and therefore may only be cultivated in a region that is particularly well exposed.

The bunches are small to medium and have a grape of green-yellowish colour, with a very sweet juice of a great fineness, which becomes even more pronounced if the grain is left to dry before the picking.

The Pinot Blanc is a wine of great luxury, a 'nobleman' that ages very well. Its pronounced acidity makes it a pleasant companion for fish dishes.