Pinot Noir, St-Saphorin, Lavaux AOC

Tasting Notes

A warm wine whose bouquet is remarkable. On the palate, it is tasty and long with a touch of nervousness

Drink with

meats and charcuterie

Service temperature 

15 °C

Keep for 

1 to 3 years


Box of 6 bottles for 70cl / box of 18 bottles for the 35cl

Vine: Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir originates from the Burgundy. It produces vigorous plants that support well the cold weather despite an early bursting of the buds. The bunches are small, packed and cylindrical with very tight grapes; they take on a violet colour at maturity, a colouring so dark that it appears black. The pulp is colourless; the colour is in the skin of the grain from which it is extracted during the fermentation. At full maturity, the flesh of the Pinot Noir has a great delicacy. The Pinot Noir produces one of the best red wines in our northern regions.